Valhom Collection
Review by TJ Norris
Review by TJ NORRIS
Notetaking :: Daily Fragrance Reviews

"By evoking classic values and feelings, the Valhom Collection is an intense olfactory experience honouring the Greek-Roman Ideal of true Virilitas. Awake your senses trough Nature and bring the magic in your life. Discover how each parfum unfolds uniquely on your own skin as it is a distinguished creation in high perfume oil concentration. Relax and restore yourself with the magic alchemy of precious essences blended by the great artistry of Grasse Noses and aged for at least three months."

Cosmo: As fresh as the updraft of mist from a waterfall. This marries citrus and mint in a new invigorating way without being too bracing. Florals and fruits braid in and around the backdrop of woodiness, in a way that comes off masculine, yet in the ways of nature, gender fluid. It's as if you have walked out of your shower and into an herbal garden. The distinctive gradations of the composition allow for this inspirative sparkling sensation that is outrightly infectious. The mixed bouquet offers a Springtime fresh and clean feel that keeps its bold breadth from the opening all the way into the drydown, and this is a prolonged, wearable fragrance. (85%)

Ego: Oh, this is a dark stranger right here. It certainly comes off right away with a push/pull quality. I get a speckled spice with a leathery accord, but also Im getting something foreign, something quite peculiar that seems a cross between static electricity and as though a furry critter has left its mark I also am getting a distict sensation of a chlorinated swimming pool which is throwing my senses for a loop. I'm trying to piece together the story but its a but of one of those puzzling cerebral thrillers. I also am sensing old parchment, maybe a map or some type of documentsealed in a wooden chest. Most perplexing and slightly vexing. This is for the daring. (79%)

Gladio: This is an instant keeper (and a bit of a sleeper). How refined the Southeast Asian spices penetrate and build in vibration here. Id even venture to say this is one of those perfumes that actually visualizes as if it is actually vibrating from the inside outward. A snakecharmer. If you go for woody/spicy fragrances I suggest you definitely reach for this it is truly a work of art. I may require a much larger size than I have, even though I was skeptical of the note of nutmeg, this is very special varietal is imported from Indonesia and helps create the outline of this scent and when I say outline, it's not thin, it's boundless. The blend of wood (from my own backyard here in TX) has this ashen quality, mixed here with a soft pile of shavings and a hint of resin for a transcendent glow. Gorgeous! (94%)

Virtus: This comes on like a whisper. There are these sweet and bitter tiny flowers, with a spiced wood chaser. It slowly surrounds your senses in the same way fog along the seashore does, and embraces you with a feathery touch. Thats not to say this is a lightweight, au contraire, this is quite nunaced and deeper than the nethermost canyon. It's a thinking (wo)mans perfume. It's like a rushing wind and that silence before a storm. The oud rises up to greet your passages in such a way that it emulates smoke trails. There's also a trail of rich green the deeper in your navigate. And I'm not sure about what type of African incense is blended here, but it sure has that lucid, hallucinatory quality that I find intriguing. It's so very rich and enigmatic. This, my friends is their great seducer. (91%)

Recommended Soundtrack:
Klaus Schulzes Ultimate Edition, 2000

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