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by Samantha Scriven
Review by Samantha Scriven
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I was recently contacted by Neadea perfumes who asked if I would like to try their fragrances. Me being me, I of course said yes and not long afterwards a beautiful white box arrived from Italy. Now, this is about to turn into a love story in which I tell you how I met and fell in love with a perfume called Sogna. It also happens to be the name that my son gave lasagne when he was little, so we had already bonded before my first spray. There are three other fragrances in the Discovery Set: Rose, Kyra and Ama, all of which are superb quality and made me want to own gallons of each one, but especially Sogna.

Here are the verdicts:

Neadea Rose extrait de parfum
An extravagantly fruity rose that commands attention as it enters a room. Now, I've always been a mad fan of anything with geranium in and this geranium note adds a deep velvety richness to the rose, adding it's nuances of lemon and spicy pepper alongside it's own floral heart. Patchouli, sandalwood and amber enrich every dusky petal and among the mimosa and violet chorus you'll find an irresistible trail of addictive musks that stay on your skin like a lingering caress. This is a show stopper and has amazing longevity.

Neadea Kyra extrait de parfum
A musky floral that starts with a delightful sparkle before morphing into sophistication that demands to be taken seriously. With a playful introduction of mandarin, red berries and lemons, you might think this fruity floral is here for kicks before you realise that this is in fact an exquisite extrait de parfum that is far more complex than it first lets on. The fruits meld seamlessly into classic florals: rose, violet and jasmine. There are several different woody notes that surround the delicate flowers with a warmth strength: cedarwood, sandalwood and oud take this to a new level of luxury. Once more, the musk has the last, sensual word. More of a languid purr actually.

Neadea Sogna extrait de parfum
This was immediate and everlasting love. I love geraniums, iris, musk , violet, rose and incense and here they are, all in one beautifully blended extrait strength fragrance. I couldnt ask for more. The iris and geranium blur into each other making for a floral fragrances thats wandered off the usual path into super elegant members only territory. The iris is an instant lilac toned cloud, almost like a pale suede (I often find very subtle leather nuances in a good iris scent). The geranium reminded me of Aedes de Venustes Pelargonium, which I love so much I nearly cried when I first smelled it. A few hours after I sprayed Sogna, I sniffed the air and wondered where the beautiful smell of clean folded linen was coming from, and it was from my wrists and neck (definitely not my housekeeping). Sogna is both artful and chaste, worldly and innocent. I absolutely adore every single drop.

Neadea Ama extrait de parfum
Ama begins as a fresh spicy floral. Pretty peony and jasmine are accentuated with sparkling bergamot and lemon. Like it's three sister scents, this too has many guises. Initially its all about summer and ice cold drinks al fresco, but it soon becomes something more serious and seductive, as if the mask of innocence slips at dusk. From a summer afternoon into something more sensual, this is a woody musk that is as smooth and opulent as velvet around your shoulders. With a little spiced heat from amber and rich, earthy patchouli, this is softened with diaphanous musk and a welcoming embrace of tonka and vanilla. As the basenotes make their presence felt, you may sense a touch of citrussy sparkle that never completely left.

About Neadea
Neadea is an Italian perfume house, Neadea being the womans range and Valhom being the masculine range (more of which later). The fragrances are made by master perfumers in Grasse using traditional methods and long macerations. Key words here are elegance, authenticity, quality and creativity.

I was sent a sample set of these four fragrances by Neadea for my consideration as a blogger. My decision to review them and my opinions are both my own.

Thanks to Samantha Scriven for such passionate and enthusiastic reviews of Neadea Collection fragrances on her online magazine 'I Scent you a Day'.


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