Valhom Ego
Review by Dr. Scent
Review by Dr. Scent

Valhom is an Italian brand of niche perfumes that was founded in 2020. Currently, the brand has 4 fragrance compositions to its credit, the first of which has just landed in my hands.

Ego is a warm, spicy vanilla fragrance, which includes fragrance notes such as; Madagascar cloves, eucalyptus, black pepper, nutmeg, tonka, vanilla, leather, rose, tobacco, castoreum, labdanum and Haitian vetiver. The opening of the fragrance is a combination of aromatic spices with tonka and cloves. There is also tobacco in the background. Rose and vanilla provide light sweetness, which creates a warm and pleasant base. The scent is incredibly aromatic, which is why fans of tobacco, leather and strong sensations will definitely love it. In the next stage, the scent becomes slightly sweet and tobacco like. It seems as if the sweetness of the rose and the tobacco are alternately taken over by powdery and sweet vanilla. I am a fan of such multi-layered fragrances, which is why Ego, in my opinion, is a unique composition made of the highest quality ingredients.

The fragrance parameters are at the highest level. The composition is close to the skin and gradually warms our skin thanks to the many aromas of spices and leather. It is an elegant, evening fragrance or one for a perfect fragrance for cool autumn days.

Thanks to Dr. Scent for reviewing Valhom Ego perfume


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